Cooperative partner

DeTao Group

DeTao is co-founded by over 500 experts. Based on the philosophy of “Congregate the world’s leading masters, cultivate industrial elites”, DeTao introduces worldwide wisdom, opening workshop and running project operation with them, in order to help their students study comprehensively beside the masters.

Wisdom is the power source of the development of human civilization. DeTao is willing to part take in the job of collecting, transmitting, and applying wisdom scientifically and systematically, and treats this job as our own mission. We will provide solutions consisting of scientific methods, broad vision, and extensive innovation inspiration.

The industries that emerge from social development are sectors of wisdom. As the representatives of productivity, masters of the industries embody abundant wisdom. By congregating leading masters around the world, DeTao operates a non-degree high-end education program using the method of mentoring and apprenticeship. We value the collection of latent knowledge, and cultivate unique industrial elites to help the development of enterprises. 


CHINAROOT DESIGN was founded in January 21, 2007. It is a tight union of outstanding interior design companies from all over China, united by design integration, resource sharing and brand co-operation. It aims to promote CHINAROOT to a brand of interior design team with global scale and largest influence, becoming a pride of Chinese design. 


Digital Design is the largest ceramic design company in Italy, a subsidiary of the Italian SITI-B&T Group. The company has an innovative and energetic team, focusing on graphic design and color research. It also launches digital color profiler with leading technology in the industry, regenerating the effect of the design graphs on a ceramic tile production line with high efficiency and accuracy.

Now, Digital Design provides comprehensive services and technology to the customers all over the world. It aims to create better design philosophy and solutions. Their 3d synchronization technology upgrades their competitiveness in the global market. Piworks has been entrusted with exclusive right to sell their graphics and software in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan).


SITI-B&T Group was founded in 1961, and has gone public on AIM since March of 2016. It is an international group specializing in ceramic manufacturing equipment and related services, with a strong competitiveness in the global market.

SITI-B&T provides outstanding solutions of ceramic technologies, as well as comprehensive services and tech support. It especially pays close attention to energy efficiency and reduction of production cost, in order to provide a complete but customized service to the customer, including the installation, maintenance, and tech support of production line.

On July 15, 2016, the technical seminar “The Whole Line of Big Slab, and Flexible Manufacturing 4.0” was held in Gaoming District of Foshan. The seminar was hosted by Foshan SITI-B&T, assisted by Piworks. Leaders from over 30 large ceramic enterprises and ink enterprises all over China attended the seminar, discussing the innovative technology and the future of large scale ceramic tiles and flexible manufacturing.


   Vetriceramici was founded in 1987. It is a famous Italian company producing ceramic pigments and glazes. Its research on the coloring process of molten frits is a creative innovation for the ceramic industry, endowing tremendous aesthetic value to color frits. Their technology is acknowledged in various countries, and is market-leading in the ceramic industry.

At the end of 2016, Piworks and Vetriceramici completed the food theme ceramic tile project with great success. Texture of food like bread, coffee bean, and flour had inspired a creative treatment on the ceramic tile surface.


Design Library provides retro style and modern texture pattern design to fashion industry, furniture industry, textile industry, wall covering, graphic design, and papermaking industry.

Design Library holds the largest and best-organized material library in the world, with a collection of textiles, original paintings, wallpapers, embroiders, and dyed yarn. The collection of designs started from 1750s, and continued to late 20th century. It is divided into more than 900 sections, with over 7 million designs.

In September 2016, Piworks signed a design license agreement with Design Library, building a business partnership. The diverse design materials provided by Design Library offer endless inspiration to the outstanding designers from Piworks.


    CRUSE was founded in 1979 in Germany. The CRUSE scanners can scan and record large scale object with ultra-high quality. They have been the most professional equipment for museums around the world, as well as for agency of cultural relic collection and repairing. Customers of CRUSE include world famous museums and cultural relic agencies, and manufacturers of ceramic tiles, fabric, textile, and wallpaper.

Through linear CCD operating under strict light control and accurate angle snap technology, the images CRUSE scanner produces have much higher definition than ordinary photography.

It is a professional digital replication system for collection-level paintings, producing high-quality photographic replicates of the original pieces for long-term preservation.

Every CRUSE scanner is manufactured individually in Germany based on customer requests. It represents the highest standard of high quality large scale scanning and replication. Over 33 countries around the world have installed 600-700 CRUSE scanners.

Piworks had purchased a CRUSE 185ST-1100 scanner at the beginning of 2016 for material scanning research.